What do wildlife rehabilitators do with rodents?

Rodents are known to be quite naughty and disturbing animals in the human communities. These animals include squirrels, raccoons, moles and other species of the similar kind. Rodents usually invade the human communities because they can find the food source easily there. These animals find their food in the garbage cans, the pet food and stored food items in the storerooms. Rodents are known to be omnivorous. However, their behavior varies with the type of animals. 

There is a chance that your kitchen garden is the most important attraction for them and being the fresh food source, they rely on getting food from there. They always seek the most peaceful spot to start breeding, and that peaceful place in your house can be your attic or chimneys because these two places are the most untouched places of any house. They usually prefer such places because they can easily move around and can come back after finding the food. The pungent smell of their feces and other waste material can leave ones place full of stink. 

Is there any danger associated with rodents presence in-house?

If somebody thinks that there is no danger associated with the rodents presence in the house, then he is mistaken. The presence of rodents can lead to awful circumstances, and one may be unaware of them because nobody seems to think in that direction. The feces and urine of these rodents can lead to deadly diseases which can cause death as well. Therefore, it is highly important to take care of the surroundings and keep the environment free of such bacteria to avoid any outward consequences. 

What can I do?

There are multiple steps that you can take in this regard. One is that keep them with yourself and the second one is to donate to the wildlife rehabbers. The option to keep them with yourself requires a lot of patience, and it requires one to take care of their young ones because if any dead animal is left unattended, the next result would be deadly diseases. Therefore, it can become a headache as well.

What do wildlife rehabilitators do with rodents? 

Wildlife rehabilitators are the organizations which have been issued permits from the government to keep the wildlife animals found in the urban areas and then take care of them to raise them to protect wildlife. They are non-profit organizations and have no funding granted from any source. 

If you plan to donate to them the animal, support them monetarily too. After the animals become grown-ups, they are then released into the wild where they continue their lifecycle. Rehabilitators play an essential role in ensuring the existence of endangered animals and ensure that all animals that are brought to them are provided with enough food supply and proper vaccination.

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